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Can We Fix It?

Bob the BuilderCan We Fix It? ... Probably. 

Let's be honest... Our technicians can be considered wizards with some of the repairs and upgrades they've managed to accomplish on some pretty difficult guns that were damaged in some interesting situations. However, while their knowledge is immense, there are some manufacturers out there whose (at least it seems this way to us) goal in life is to give as big of a migraine to players and airsoft technicians as they can when it comes to repairing their equipment. 

So we've outlined a few of the manufacturers below that our techs can't intake for repair and the reasons why. Hopefully this will help either: 

A) Save you money and encourage you to avoid these manufacturers

B) Save you the trip of coming to drop off your gear only to find out we can't fix it. 

Lets jump right in. 


  • They use Red Loctite in their gearboxes making it near impossible to open up. 
  • The repair costs often outweigh the cost of the gun
  • Reliability can't be guaranteed after repair as everything tends to get all wibbly-wobbly


  • The recoil aspect of the gearbox can damage the gearbox shell preventing proper function of key components (like gears, trigger, tappet)
  • The repair costs often outweigh the cost of the gun
  • Reliability can't be guaranteed after repair. Original parts don't like to play nicely with new parts.  


  • Repair costs outweigh the cost of the gun
  • Reliability can't be guaranteed after an attempted repair. Original parts are lower quality and don't do well with newer upgraded or heavier duty parts. Its built as a low quality cheaper gun and it just doesn't have the stock internals to support upgrades.
  • However- techs CAN install a crawler barrel if lower FPS is needed 


  • First off - No. Just no. 
  • Repair costs outweigh the cost of the gun. 
  • Reliability overall can't be guaranteed - even right out of the box. 
  • These guns are made of cheaper materials that tend to break easily and we can't open up a plastic body nor a plastic gearbox without snapping the thing in half. 
  • If this gun breaks- you're honestly better off just buying a new one. 

Now that you're armed (hahah, get it? Its a pun) with this knowledge, we hope you'll buy wisely and invest in a quality airsoft manufacturer. Yes, a quality gun is going to be a larger expense at first- but overall, it is going to last you a hell of a lot longer, have the ability to be repaired and upgraded and you're going to enjoy it a lot more. 

If you have additional questions about whether we can repair a specific gun, can get certain parts or brands or any other repair questions, let us know and we'd be happy to help you out. 

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  • 16-Dec-2015