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What's My Gun Warranty?

We've been getting this question a lot lately about manufacturer warranties, how long they're good for and what is covered by them. And while we did an article about voiding your warranty (and how to avoid doing so) earlier [READ IT HERE!], we're gonna take this article to review the length of your gun's warranty based on the manufacturer, how to send it in and what you'll need to provide to redeem your warranty.

We extend a 30 day repair warranty on every gun we sell (excluding the spring pistols), which allows you to bring your gun in within the first month after purchase and our techs will fix it for you. If it turns out to be a manufacturer defect (which if there is one- will show up usually within the first 2 weeks), you walk out with a new one. Woo!  

That being said- you still have the manufacturer warranty in place on top of our repair warranty should something go really, really wrong. We can only speak to the manufacturers that we carry, so if your gun brand is not listed below, you will want to reach out to the seller and ask them directly what their warranty policy is. 


G&G : 90 days              E&L : 60 days               Krytac : 60 days

Kriss : 45 days              KWA : 45 days             Echo 1 : 30 days

Umarex :

Guns under $100 : 30 days

Guns costing $101-249 : 60 days

Guns costing over $250 : 1 year!  


Valken V12 : 60 days                 Polarstar : 45 days


NCStar : Lifetime

Magpul : Case by Case. You must contact Magpul directly.

Noveske : 1 year for original purchaser

Others : Limited. 

The above warranty limits are just a few brands. Most brands not listed are limited warranties accepted on a case by case basis due to the difficulty in determining what was a defect and what was customer error or neglect.  

The average limited warranty however, is between 45-60 days. 

Remember to check any and all paperwork that came with your equipment as the individual warranty term for that specific item is often located within. If you're still unsure, contact the manufacturer directly. 

Take care of your gear and follow the guidelines within our [AVOID THE VOID WARRANTY GUIDE] and you shouldn't have to worry about what your warranty term is! 

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  • 07-Mar-2016