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Military Slang Terminology - Step up your Vocab!

Military Slang Terms - Learn them, Know them, Use them! 

Plus you get to confuse your friends and sound OPAF!

Do like watching military movies but can't understand some of those acronyms? Or want to just sound OPAF? Here's the list of the most useful terms for the everyday man. Use them wisely to confuse your friends and loved ones, insult others without their knowledge, learn some useful slang or just converse casually with active and veteran military personnel. However you use them- enjoy!

- List below has been tailored down to include the most interesting, most common or fun new names for everyday situations! Full list can be found on - 

AO: Area of Operations

AOR: Area of Responsibility

AWOL: Absent With Out Leave

AWR: Alpha Whiskey Romeo - the place your enemy flees to in times of combat

Bang Switch: Trigger

Battle Rattle: Full field gear

BOLO: Be On the Look Out. Slang for "No Good". Can also be used instead of "F'd up"

            ie: "I bolo'd that up!"

BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

Booger Hook: Trigger finger

Bird: Anything that flies

Blue Canoe: Portable toilet

Blue Falcon: Someone willing screw over his buddy. Also known as Bravo Foxtrot.

Boot: Basic trainee or someone who acts like one

Bradley: Armored Personnel Carrier

Bunk: What one sleeps on

Butter Bar: 2nd Lieutenant. Refers to the gold bar of rank

CCP: Casualty Collection Point

CP: Check Point

Cannon-Cocker: In a really bad mood

Charlie Foxtrot: A nice way to say Cluster F**k

Charlie Mike: Continue Mission. Keep doing what you were doing

Cheese Eater: Guy who sucks up to make himself look better

COB: Close of business. End of the working day

DFAC: Dining Facility. The dedicated place you eat

Death Blossom: Spray fire indiscriminately in all directions

DILLIGAF: Do I Look Like I Give A F**k

Drive On: Suck it up and keep going

Field Day: Marine speak for cleaning one's room and work area

Fire Watch: Guard duty

FNG: F**king New Guy

FOB: Forward Operating Base. Where troops primarily stay

FOD: Foreign Objects or Debris

FOBBERS: Describes someone who never leaves the base

Fourth Point of Contact: Airborne term for ass

Glass House: Mock up of the layout for the target house

Goat Trail: Dirt or unpaved road

Go-Fasters: Running shoes

Grunt: Infantryman

Hardball: Paved road

Hardened Building: Building with sandbags and a roof, preferably made of concrete

Head: Bathroom

Hesco: Big bin filled with dirt to absorb explosions

Hooch: Where one sleeps

Hot-A's: Hot chow/food

IED: Improvised Explosive Device

Ink Stick: Pen

INTSUM: Intelligence summary

Imshi: Arabic for "move along"

Indirect: Indirect fire

Insh'allah: Arabic for "Will of God" kinda like "So be it"

Klicks: Kilometers

Kpot: Helmet

Lima Charlie: Loud and Clear

M240: Machine gun

MRE: Meal Ready to Eat or Meal Refusing to Exit

MSR: Main Supply Route

MWR: Morale, Welfare and Recreation. Area of the FOB set up for games, internet, TV

Mid Rats: Late night chow

Mike Mike: Millimeter. Used mainly in reference to a caliber of ammo

Mike: Minute. As in "I'll be there in 5 mikes"

Mu Zien: No good

Muj: (pronounced Mooj): Short for Mujahideen. Person who wages jihad

NCO: Non-Commissioned Officer. Sergeant

NCOIC: Officer in charge

Net: Radio network

Oscar Mike: On the Move

O' Dark Thirty: WAY too early in the morning

OPORD: Operations Order. 

OPSEC: Operational Security

OTV: Outer Tactical Vest

PCC/PCI: Pre-Combat Check/Inspection. Check your gear before operation

POG: Someone who's no good. A poor excuse for a soldier.

POO Site: Point of origin site. Where enemy fire is coming from

PSD: Personal Security Detail

Pogey Bait: Any food the Army doesn't issue

Pop Smoke: Leave

Pucker Factor: Refers to the intensity of fear felt in a situation

QRF: Quick Reaction Force. On standby to reach to any situation

ROE: Rules of Engagement

RPG: Rocket Propelled Grenade

Red on Red: Enemy on Enemy fire

Roger That: Radio word for "understood"

Ruck Up: Grab your ruck sack and get moving

SAPI: Small arms protective insert. Ceramic plates inserted into a chest plate

Sadiki: Friend

Salaam Aleikim: Formal Arabic phrase for "Hello"

Sandbox: Almost any desert area of operations

Shake and Bake: Attacks using a combo of bombs, cluster bombs and napalm

Sham: Shirk one's duties

Snivel Gear: Article of clothing to prevent troops from sniveling when weather is too hot or cold (parkas, gloves, balaclavas, etc)

Soft-Skin: An unarmored vehicle

Spoon: A cook or someone who serves food as their job

STEAL: Strategic Transfer of Equipment to Alternative Locations

Steel Rain: Arty or mortar fire for effect

STRAC: Strategic Army Command. Slang for "Having it all together & looking good"

TARFU: Things Are Really F**ked Up. (Condition after SNAFU but before FUBAR)

TOC: Tactical Operations Center. 

Tent City: Large collection of tents

Terp: Interpreter

TIC: Troops in Contact. A Firefight

Un-ass the AO: Leave the area

UXO: Unexploded Ordnance

VBIED: Car bomb

Washington's Driver: Someone who's been in the service a VERY long time

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot, over?: What the f**k, over?

Wileys: Protective eyewear

Winchester: Pilot speak for "Out of Ammo"

XO: Executive Order

Yardbird: Derogatory term for a trainee

Zipper the Mike: To wordlessly acknowledge a radio transmission by double clicking the transmit button

Zulu Time: Greenwich Mean Time. (The time zone all others are based from)

Alrighty now... Imshi ya Boots!

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