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General Maintenance Tips

Airsoft guns, like live firearms, must be cleaned and maintained with proper gun care. A neglected airsoft gun can result in malfunctions, misfires, locked gears and a broken weapon. Every gun requires different care based on its propellant and needs, so it is important to read its manual or ask an airsoft technician or professional. Basic gun maintenance, however, is simple.


  • Always store your gun in a clean dry space away from young children. You don’t want those kids hurting themselves or hurting your equipment. 
  • Never leave your gun loaded or cocked as it could damage your internal mechanisms.
  • Don't store your gun outside or in the garage, especially in Arizona. The extreme heat will damage the o-rings, possibly melt the wiring, heat the motor and cause severe damage for gas guns and gas magazines.

Soft Case


  • Only use precision or match grade, high density, seamless and polished bbs. You don’t want to see any seams, bubbles or dents in your bbs
  • Cheap bbs, like those sold at Wal-Mart and other sporting good stores, will cause irreparable damage to your gun internals and void your warranty!
  • Most often, brightly neon colored bbs are made of a cheap light-weight plastic and will break within your gearbox causing bb shards to lock up your gearbox.
  • Do not reuse your bbs after they have been fired or have been rolling around on the ground. These bbs can be compromised by stress from the gearbox, dented from the ricochet, or have gathered dirt and debris from the ground causing gams and internal damage.
  • Do your research and only purchase bbs from respectable airsoft distributors.



  • To prevent jamming or misfired, check your magazines for debris, dust and dirt. 
  • It is best to empty your magazine after each use, although it is not required.
  • With gas guns, it is not preferable to use the release valve to expel excess gas. Loss of magazine pressure can damage the gun.



  • Always keep your airsoft barrel free of obstruction. Before cleaning your gun, make sure your selector switch is set to safety. 
  • If you're using an AEG, decompress the spring after each use. Some guns have a decompression button while others you can just set your gun to semi and fire a few shots.
  • Lubricate your barrel every 6 months with pure silicone oil spray. NEVER USE WATER, PETROLEUM OR GENERAL CLEANERS! Anything other than pure silicone will damage your internals. Be turn to turn off the hop-up before oiling and be careful not to over oil your gun. Over oiling can damage o-rings and seals.
  • Spray small cloth swatches and thread it through your cleaning rod. Insert and gently swab the inside of the barrel. Follow the oiled swatch with a clean cloth to pick up excess debris and oil.
  • After cleaning, it may take a few fires for the hop-up to function properly.
  • If you have upgraded from Green Gas to Propane, ensure you are using a propane adapter like the one below and are taking care to oil and lube your gun before and after every time you play. This will keep all your o-rings pliable and keep them from cracking. It will also keep from your gearbox drying out.

Silicone Spray MadBull Propane Adapter Metal

**NOTE** If you are new to airsoft or aren't comfortable cleaning your gun on your own, find an experienced technician like the ones we have here at VIPAirsoft. They will help teach you to properly clean and maintain your equipment. You run the risk of voiding your warranty if you do not properly clean your equipment.

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